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Lima 18 - PERU

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Representaciones, Comercio, Maquinarias S.A.


Since its foundation, RECOMAQ HI-TECH has consolidated its position as the leader in the sale of MACHINE TOOLS in the Peruvian market.

Since 1983, RECOMAQ HI-TECH has been introducing COMPUTER NUMERICALLY CONTROLLED (CNC) MACHINE TOOLS achieving a 90% market share, making RECOMAQ HI-TECH the undisputed leader in this type of technology.

RECOMAQ HI-TECH represents leading companies such as MAZAK, the largest manufacturer of CNC lathes and machining centers in the world. Please check the list of the manufactures we represent in this web page.

Our customers are in the METAL, MINING, FISHING AND CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRIES as well as TECHNICAL EDUCATIONAL CENTERS. It is important to note that most leading companies in each industry count with our machines.

RECOMAQ HI-TECH counts with an important SERVICE CENTER for CNC and CONVENTIONAL MACHINES, which allows us to ensure a reliable service to our customers. Our technicians are constantly undergoing training courses at the manufacturers' sites.

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